Thursday, March 22, 2007

Waugh and Fairview

We planted this long rectangular flowerbed in a vacant lot near Waugh and Taft. Corozon's provided us with water for the garden, and they were interested in this positive use of the land. -e.s.

Corozon's with black Honda.

This was the most practically difficult of the gardens we built. The soil was a clumpy clay and full of rocks, which made raking and tilling more than frustrating. The owner of Corozon's across the street told us they had several times tried to landscape the area, but the existing brush just kept returning. He said it had even grown into the sewer grate and flooded the street a few times. This garden was also interesting because we were working on it during rush hour on a Tuesday. People would stop at the light and ask us what we were doing or heckle us a little or provide a soundtrack for our work.

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