Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leeland/Live Oak - Grace Tabernacle

Grace Tabernacle Church (long, white, wood building seen above and below).

Before any planting began, we sought out seeds with a short gestation period that were to be planted in the spring. We began with various approaches to researching this and settled on heeding the advice of the gardeners of Buchanon’s Native Plants here in Houston. This way we had immediate interaction in selecting seeds, receiving consultation, and spending our money locally which seemed only appropriate for our project.

Our first outing involved driving around the city and making a couple of stops, only to find the areas unsuitable for whatever reasons we could come up with, and then finding just the spot that we all three agreed upon for beginning our planting. This area was on Leeland Street off of Live Oak in Houston’s warehouse district. We chose to plant two small gardens in an open field next to Grace Tabernacle Church, listening to their Sunday morning singing as we worked. -e.s.

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